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This page includes links to other sites that contain interesting El Camino information.  Sites are listed alphabetically by category. 

I have researched each site, and ranked it based on my observations.  Just to make sure everything is legitimate, let me say that I do not receive any money for anything relating to these links.  To suggest a link, or to appeal a ranking I made, Email me.  Make sure to put "Links" in the subject line.


bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)The best site in the category.  Good information, up to date, and well organized.

bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes) bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes) Good information, and a pretty good layout too.  Usually pretty recent.

bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes) Okay information.   It  may not be up to date, poorly organized, or somewhat unclear.

bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes) A bare website that is probably severely out of date, or one with limited informaion.

const08.gif (5212 bytes)This means that the website is under construction.

If no rating is present, then I have not reviewed the site yet.

El Camino Sites:

bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)The El Camino Site.  The El Camino Site contains, pictures, a history, links, and books.   Overall, this is a pretty good site, except for the fact that it is in German, which may be a problem for some people.

bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)Nor-Cal ChevellCaminos  This site is the home of the North California Chevelle and El Camino club.  A lot of nice things here overall.

Restoration Parts:

bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)Camaro Specialists has a number of parts for Chevelles and El Caminos, and an Online Catolog.

bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)Coast Auto Supply and Dismantling   The site has an online ordering system, but I'm not sure how well it works, or what their inventory is like.

East Cost Model Center  This site has just about any scale model of any car you would want, even if it has been discontinued!

Performance Parts:

bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)Crane Cams.  This is an amazing website.  Detailed part information, tech help, and online ordering.

Edelbrock Performance Parts.   A complete description of their line up is here, including both car and motorcycle parts.  Online ordering does not appear to be possible though.

bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)bullets_stars_red_003.gif (874 bytes)Summit Racing Equipment.  You name it, they got it, especially for Chevys.  I highly reccomend this company.     Their website is pretty comprehensive too.


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I have to the best of my knowledge, avoided using copyrighted material on this website.  For issues regarding copyrights, please send them to the address at the bottom of the screen.  I accept no liability for the information provided on this website.   Ask permission before using any of the material included here on a website of your own. 

Suggestions are welcome!  Send them here.   Please put "El Camino suggestion" in the subject line.

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